Imagine when you have been in heaven for 100 years. What earthly things will be of importance to you?

Imagine when you have been in Heaven for 100 years. What Earthly things will be of importance to you?

Matthew 24:35

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.

Heaven on Earth

When Christ returns for us to take to Himself, then heaven comes down as the New Jerusalem and we’ll have heaven on earth. But heaven is really anyplace where God is, isn’t it? Just imagine that you’ve been in heaven for 100 years. What earthly things will be important to you then? Will it be those who are still coming to Christ during His reign to worship Him? Won’t all tongues and nations be coming to worship God from the ends of the earth (Rev. 7:9)? That’s when God will gather all nations and peoples together to see the glory of God (Isaiah 66:18). Can you imagine that? Will anything on earth in our former life matter at that point?

The New Jerusalem

When the city of God descends down to the earth and all nations and peoples come to worship God and behold His glory, what things in your former life on earth will be really important anymore? It won’t be your cell phone, your computer, your satellite TV or cable network, and it might not be the playoffs either. Think about what’s really important right now. Will that matter a hundred years into the Kingdom of God? I seriously doubt it. What might matter are those to whom you failed to witness. Will we have regrets when we see Christ? I believe we will have some, like not doing enough to witness to the lost, not sharing our resources with the poor more, or even not spending more time with those we love. I have had a few experiences where I was able to share the Gospel with those who were on their deathbed. Not one of them wished they had made more money. Not one of them wished they had purchased a nicer home. Not one of them wished they had taken that world cruise. Those things will not matter one bit when we get to heaven.

No Second Chances

The older I get, the more bold I have become in sharing the Gospel. I care less now what people might think of me as compared to their facing a possible eternal separation from God. What will matter on earth a hundred years after being in heaven? It will be those whom I have never met in life but have grown to know over the Internet. There are so many people around the world that I’ve had a chance to get to know but have never met in person. What a joy it will be to meet them for the first time in the kingdom of heaven. Even greater, I will finally get to behold Jesus’ face for the very first time, and even though I have been blessed by believing in Him without actually ever seeing Him (John 20:29), can you not wait either to behold the Lord God, Jesus Christ, in person? What else will matter a hundred years ago on earth? Nothing in comparison to seeing our wonderful Master and Lord in person.

A Closing Prayer

God my Father, please help me focus on the here and now, to point people to Christ so that You might save them, for nothing else on this earth matters compared to Your glory and Your desire that none should perish without Christ (2 Pet. 3:9). In Jesus’ precious name I pray.


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