Can I trust you in the small things?

Can I Trust You In The Small Things?

Luke 16:10

One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much.

The Small Things Are Big

I remember a true story of a man who just got a new job as an executive vice president of a huge company. After the CEO talked to the board about this man, they all thought he was perfect for the job, so they all went down to the company’s cafeteria to celebrate with the new VP. When they were in line putting food on their trays, the CEO was directly behind the new VP when he saw the man hide a couple of patties of butter underneath his rolls and then go and pay the cashier. The CEO thought to himself and later talked to the board, saying, “I think we hired the wrong man.” Two patties of butter cost this man his high-paying job, all because he wasn’t faithful in the little things. If he wasn’t going to be faithful in the little things, how much more so in the big things. The CEO and the board changed their mind about him, and the man lost his job over two little six-cent patties of butter.

Character’s Revealed in the Dark

I believe that who we really are is revealed when no one’s watching. What is done in private will someday be known to all (Luke 12:3), and what is hidden in darkness reveals our true nature. Someday God will bring to light all those things done in secret and will disclose the purposes of our hearts (1 Cor. 4:5). I heard one pastor say, “You are not what you think you are. What you think, you are!” I believe that’s true. If we cannot be trusted when no one is watching, then how can God ever trust us in the kingdom when all will be watching? Surely, God will bring into judgment every single thing we do in the hidden darkness and bring it into the light for all to see (Job 12:22), whether it is for good or for bad (Eccl. 12:14).

God Is in the Small Things

God used the jaw bone of a donkey in the slaying of a thousand men (Judges 15:15). He used a small bowl of flour and oil to feed Elijah and a widow and her son for many days (1 Kings 17:12). He used one small stone in killing a giant (1 Sam. 17:40). So who among us should despise the small things (Zech. 4:10)? Even someone who gives a cold cup of water to one of God’s own will certainly not lose their reward (Matt. 10:42). I was doing door-to-door one day in our town, and it was extremely hot. A self-professed atheist invited me into his air-conditioned home and gave me a cold bottle of water, and I told him about the verse in Matthew 10, that he would be rewarded someday by God, hopefully, I said, in the kingdom. That made the man really think about what I told him. Can God trust you and me in the small things? If so, then He will surely entrust us with so much more someday. Who knows, some may be ruling ten cities someday for what they’ve done with what they’ve been given (Luke 19:17).

A Closing Prayer

Father God, not one of us deserves Your forgiveness, and we are all indebted to You for all eternity for giving us eternal life. Let me be a good servant and be found trustworthy in the small things so that someday You can trust me in the big things in the kingdom. In Jesus’ Great Name I pray.


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