If I am Lord to you, why would you follow your ways and not Mine?

If I am Lord to You, Why Would You Follow Your Ways and Not Mine?

Luke 6:46

Why do you call me, Lord, and do not do what I say?

Is He Lord or Not?

When Jesus was speaking in Luke 6, He was saying that many called Him Lord, but the litmus test was whether they would actually do what He told them to do. Many will say “Lord, Lord” someday, but Jesus will say to them, “Depart from Me, I never knew you” (Matt 7:21-23). They will claim to have done works for Christ (Matt 7), but they were actually not doing what Jesus said. It’s one thing to say “I know the Lord,” but the most important question on the day of His return will be does He know you. That is vital. I know many who say they know Jesus, but so do the demons; however, that doesn’t mean they’re saved!

What’s Your Foundation Built Upon?

What is your house built upon? Is it built upon the Rock of Christ, or is it built on sinking sand? The one who hears Jesus’ words but does not do them will suddenly see his house swept away by the floods of God’s judgment (Luke 6:49), just like the flood of Noah’s day (Gen 7). A person who hears God’s words and then does not do what they say is like a man who looks at himself in the mirror and then, after he walks away, forgets what he just saw (James 1:22-24). Everyone may hear, but the question is do they listen. Everyone talks, but do they really say anything. Hearing is of absolutely no help without really listening and obeying. Like the captain of the Titanic hearing about the warnings of icebergs but doing nothing about it, so are those who hear Jesus’ words but don’t obey them likewise headed for sure disaster. It’s only a matter of time.

Why Call Him Lord?

If we call Jesus Christ our Lord and then do our own thing, is He really our Lord at all? It makes no sense to call the general the leader of the army, only to have the army do what they want. He isn’t really their general if they are independent of him and do their own thing. That’s call insubordination, and such a person is subject to court martial. How much more strict of a punishment will it be for the man or woman who calls Jesus Lord yet does not do what He asks them to do (Rev 20:12-15)?

A Closing Prayer

Father in heaven, I have been a rebel so many times. Please forgive me when I have called You Lord and still done my own thing. I am so sorry for my disobedience to Your written Word. Help me to do what You say and be more accountable to You rather than doing what I want and having it all come crashing down on me someday. In Jesus precious name I pray.


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