Why do you worry? Can it add a single hour to your life?

Why do you worry? Can it add a single hour to your life?

Luke 12:25

And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?

Subtraction by Worry

How many of us can add even a few minutes by worrying? Conversely, studies show that worry robs our joy, detracts from our witnessing, and also destroys our health. It can make us more vulnerable to diseases and even cancer, so Jesus was saying why worry. How can worry increase what we don’t have? What can worry do to those things we can’t change, and if we can change them, why shouldn’t we change what we can? We are anxious over food, clothing, and our life (Luke 12:22), but life is so much more than these (Luke 12:23). I have never seen a raven wring their wings over worry about what they’ll eat next. They instinctively trust God, and we are of much more value to God than the birds of the air (Luke 12:24).

Don’t Be Anxious

This is an imperative command from Jesus, so when we worry, we tell God we don’t trust Him, and we disobey Him by worrying. If my children came up to me constantly worried about what we would eat or wear tomorrow and I told them that I had all the resources I needed to take care of them, I would not be very happy with them because they apparently didn’t trust me. How many resources does God have? How about all the universe! Even the flowers don’t have to punch the clock and worry about making their own selves grow. They have all they need to survive from God, and aren’t we of more value than the flowers (Luke 12:27-28)? Most certainly we are!

Seeking the Kingdom

If we are seeking God’s kingdom, the King of that kingdom will make sure His subjects will have all they need, right? God gets holy pleasure in providing for us (Luke 12:32), but He gets no pleasure when we worry that the Rich King of the universe won’t provide for His own children. What kind of earthly father wouldn’t provide for his own family? How much better is our heavenly Father than any earthly father? He rebukes those of us (me included) who have so little faith that we won’t trust the Father, Who owns everything there is to take care of us (Luke 12:26). Isn’t it sort of an insult to Him that He might not be able to handle it? Is it a lack of trust in Him? It would seem so.

A Closing Prayer

You are such a good God, my Father. Please forgive me for the times when I doubt Your ability and Your willingness to take care of such tiny needs that I have, tiny in comparison to the riches of all the universe, which are all at Your disposal. Help me to really and truly believe You and trust You, and in Jesus’ name I pray.


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