Why do you act as if I am not right next to you? Aren’t I always with you?

Why do you act as if I am not right next to you? Aren’t I always with you?

Matthew 28:20

And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.

Christ in You

For anyone who has been born again, Christ is in them, and they’ve been quickened or made alive in Him but dead to sin (Rom. 8:10). That means our old nature, although not completely erased (Rom. 7:14), has been changed. We are now new creations in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17). Essentially, the old is gone and the new has arrived, but we still live in the world that fights against our new nature. Imagine this: If you were sitting on the couch watching TV, would you still be watching what you are watching? Since Jesus is always with you (Matt. 28:20), are you grieving Him by what you are watching? What about the Internet or movies? If Jesus were sitting right next to you on the couch or in a chair, what would He think? Would you still watch what you are watching?

He Is With You

We know that if we are God’s own children, Christ is within our midst. So I ask this question of myself and of you: Why do you and I act as if He’s not right next to us since He’s always with us? Do you remember the old WWJD wrist bands? These wrist bands had a good intention. They were made to make us think about what Jesus would do in situations that we found ourselves in during our day. A better idea is this: WWJT? That is, what would Jesus think if you understood that He was right there with you every step you took today? What would Jesus think, what would Jesus say, and how would Jesus react if you were doing something contrary to what He taught? Sort of convicting, isn’t it?

A New Heart, A New Life

When we had that time where we repented of our sins and placed our trust in Christ, He gave us a new heart. He took out the heart of stone and replaced it with a heart of flesh (Ezek. 36:26). This should mean that we have a more tender heart now, and what we see with our eyes and what we hear with our ears should be those things that would please the Father because Jesus always did those things which pleased the Father (John 8:29). Therefore, that should be our goal, too. Today try to imagine that Jesus is right next to you wherever you go and is hearing every word you speak, watching everything you see, and listening to everything you hear. Since Jesus is always with us, would that change your life and what you did today?

A Closing Prayer

Father God, I know that Your Word says that Jesus is with us every day, and I know I must have grieved Him many times, so please forgive my living in a way that is contrary to You. Help me to keep in mind that He is with me today wherever I go, and in His precious name I pray.


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