Whose plan do you trust more? Yours or God’s?

Whose plan do you trust more? Your’s or God’s?

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

Trust is Belief

If I tell my wife I trust her, which I do, of course, and yet hire a private investigator and set up hidden video cameras, then do I really prove my trust? Of course I don’t. This shows that I really don’t trust her. How much more is this so with God then? When I am trusting God more, I am automatically trusting myself less. My own heart is deceitfully wicked; who can know it (Jer 17:9)?  Therefore, how can I trust it? God has proven over time that He and His faithfulness can be trusted, so I am putting my confidence in God’s plans more than my own. God tells us that He already knows the plans He has for us, and these plans include giving us a hope and a future (Jer 19:11). My plans usually blow up in my face. With God this is never the case, so if I trust God, it means that I believe God.

Making the Crooked Paths Straight

If I am leaning on my own understanding, there is no security in that, but if I am standing on the immovable Rock, then I know that this Rock is not moving anywhere. I trust God, but I don’t trust my own understanding. Only God can make the crocked paths straight, and His Word declares that He will go before us to make what is crooked and dangerous smooth and straight (Isaiah 45:2). I can make no such promises. God promises to bless those who put their trust in Him (Psalm 40:4) and to give His perfect peace to those who do (Isaiah 26:3).

A Surer Foundation

God is a Rock and a more sure foundation than anything or anyone, including myself (Psalm 18:2). In this Rock you can find protection, strength, refuge, and, greatest of all, salvation (2 Sam 22:3), so why not build your plans on the Rock instead of the sinking sand of human reasoning. By reading the Word of God, you can see all of the historical examples of God’s faithfulness and doing the impossible in the improbable. Our God is unstoppable, just as His plans are. Whom can we trust more than God?

A Closing Prayer

Righteous Father in heaven, help me to trust more in You than leaning on my own understanding. Who is like You that can make the crooked straight? Who is a more sure foundation than You? What plan is there of Yours that is not ultimately better for me? Please forgive my lack of trust in You at times. In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ I pray.


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