What Scriptures encourage you the most? When is the last time you read them?

What Scriptures Encourage You The Most? When Is The Last Time You Read Them?

Isaiah 41:10

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.


There are a handful of brothers and sisters in Christ, many of whom comment here on this daily devotional, who are so encouraging to me, and they must be to the people they live around. You probably know someone like that. I love what I call the Three E-migos: encouraging, exhorting, and edifying. I love to speak to specific people and encourage them with sincere words where I single out their contributions and point out their strengths. I think we are sorely lacking this in our day and age. The definition of the word encourage is “to fill with courage or strength of purpose,” which is exactly what God’s Word does. Encouragement stimulates or assists people with words that serve to advance, promote, and build up others. The Bible is full of such encouraging verses, like the one I cited in Isaiah 41:10.


The Word of God has real power. It has the power to save, to sanctify, and to exhort. Jesus told the disciples that He would leave them His peace just when they would need it the most after He was about to go to the cross (John 16:33). He spoke words to settle their troubled hearts and calm their fears (John 14:27). Jesus being God is our refuge and strength when our times of trouble come, even when everything seems to be falling in around us (Psalm 46:1-3). God’s Word exhorts us to endure the present, for the time is coming when we will behold His glory (Rom. 8:18). If the Lord is always before you, then you will not be shaken (Psalm 16:8).


The Bible is full of edifying words that serve to improve our walk with Christ. Like encouragement, edification serves to affect the intellectual mind and strengthen its resolve. If our minds are steadfast upon God and His Word, then we will be kept in perfect peace during times of trouble because our trust is in Him and not in our circumstances (Isaiah 26:3). If your hope is in Him and in His Word, He will be your shield and refuge (Psalm 119:114). What Scriptures encourage you the most? When was the last time you read them? For me, it’s not been recently enough.

A Closing Prayer

Righteous, Heavenly Father, thank You for Your Word of encouragement. Please assist me in reading Your Word consistently so that I can encourage someone today, exhort them, and edify them in their walk with You. In the strong name of Jesus I pray.


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