What does your self-worth hinge upon?

What Does Your Self Worth Hinge Upon?

Matthew 10:31

Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.

The Apple of His Eye

If you are a parent, can you even estimate the value of your children? Of course you can’t because aren’t they worth more than all the wealth in the world? God once declared His own nation of Israel as the apple of His eye (Zech 2:8) and if He called His own people that, would He not esteem those who are His own children of any less worth than them? He knows us down to the minutest detail, even the very number of hairs on our head (Matt 10:30) showing He is interested in every detail of our lives. If God is interested in the least important details of our life like this, then how much more is He interested in our everyday experiences?

More Precious than the Sparrow

Jesus said that we shouldn’t worry about what we are going to need to eat and drink (Matt 6:31) because we are worth so much more to God than even the sparrows that He created. God would never make us put our religious observances ahead of caring for people who needed our help because we are of infinitely more value to Him than anything in creation, including those in the animal kingdom (Matt 12:12). His love was proven for us by Him sending His Son to die for us (John 3:16).

God Sings over You

The 3rd chapter of Zephaniah is one of the most tender chapters in all the Bible because He says that He takes great delight in His people, and He even rejoices over them with singing (Zeph 3:17). Can you even imagine God singing and then singing over His own people and today those who are His children? We would expect nothing less than that which He did for His chosen people. His compassion for His own is like that of a father having compassion over his own children (Psalm 103:13), and He knows just how fragile our frame is since we’re made out of the dust of the ground (Psalm 103:14). This is why His love extends to us, our children, and even our grandchildren (Psalm 103:17).

A Closing Prayer

Righteous God, thank You for Your tender heart for me, Your child, and understanding that I’m only dust but still love me as a father does his own children, but so much more than any human father ever could. You value me so much more than the sparrows, and I cannot understand how You rejoice over me with singing. Thank You for Your great love for me and making me feel great worth in Your eyes, and in Jesus’ name I pray.


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