What are you doing with what God has given you?

What are you doing with what God has given you?

First Chronicles 29:14, 16

But who am I, and what is my people, that we should be able thus to offer willingly? For all things come from you, and of your own have we given you. O Lord our God, all this abundance that we have provided for building you a house for your holy name comes from your hand and is all your own.

What do we Have that was not Given?

No one is saved by works. Of course, otherwise, we would surely brag about it (Eph 2:8-9). But what do we have in our earthly possessions that we did not receive? The answer, of course, is nothing. God is the giver of all good things. Everything we have is a gift from God (1 Cor 4:7). Whatever we have is by the sovereign will of God, so God expects us to be good stewards of what we possess. He will hold us accountable for what we have done with what we have been given. The word “steward” literally means a “house manager,” so we are managing for God what He has entrusted us with. The question is: What are we doing with what God has given to us?

Investing or Burying

The Parable of the Talents shows that we have been given certain talents, but this parable also shows that we must use what we have or lose what we have (Matt 25:14-30). To be faithful in the little that we’ve been entrusted with means that God can trust us with much, but if we’ve been unfaithful with the little that we’ve been given, God will never trust us with more (Luke 16:10). If we are burying our talents, whatever they might be, whether they are skills, gifts, or money, then God will surely not trust us enough to give us more, but if we are generous with what little we do have, God will know that we’re trustworthy enough to handle more. The difference is will we invest or will we simply bury (or not use) what we have.

Empty Hands Can Receive

Have you heard the phrase that clinched hands cannot receive anything, but open hands can be filled? This seems to be the case in the economy of God. Unless we are willing to let go, God cannot ever fill our hands with more. I believe that we should never suppress a generous impulse. If you feel moved to help someone and it’s within your power to do so, then do it because if it’s within your means to help someone and you don’t, God sees that as sin (Prov 3:27; James 2:16).

A Closing Prayer

God, what do I have that I didn’t receive? All I have is from You anyway, so please help me to be more generous and to show that, just as You are a giving God, I should be more willing to give too because You gave the ultimate possession…the very Son of God, Who died for me. All that I can give is not from me, anyway; help me to recognize this and be generous, just as You are so generous to me. It is in the precious name of Jesus Christ that I give thanks and pray.


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