Life on Earth is pretty short. Why are you doing so many things that have no impact on eternity?

Life on Earth is pretty short. Why are you doing so many things that have no impact on eternity?

Psalm 39:6

You have made my days a mere handbreadth; the span of my years is as nothing before you. Everyone is but a breath, even those who seem secure.

Life Is Like a Vapor

Our life, when compared to eternity, is like a morning fog, which quickly burns off in the heat of the day. Or as James wrote, it’s only a vapor that appears for a little while and is gone for good (James 4:14). The average life span has increased over the last century, but even so, when we look at our life compared to eternity, it seems less than nothing. So what impact can we have while here on earth that can have eternal implications? For one thing, the message of the Gospel promises eternal life for all who believe in Christ (John 3:16). Is there anything in this life that compares with the message of eternal hope that is found only in Christ (Acts 4:12)?

Wasting Time on the Temporal

I have to plead guilty to wasting a lot of my earthy time on things that won’t have an impact on eternity. At my age (60+), I might not have too many years left. Why would I be so frivolous with my time when there are things that are much more important? I need to learn the value of each and every day and make every one of them count (Psalm 90:12) because life is so fleeting (Psalm 39:4). I can watch TV, surf the Internet, or any number of other things to entertain myself, but when I look back at my life when in heaven, I can surely count the days and hours that were a complete waste of time. Don’t get me wrong; there is a time to rest and relax because even Jesus took time to get away and rest (Mark 6:31), but I can overdo that, too. One man asked D. L. Moody after another long, grueling day if he was tired of the work. D. L. Moody said, “I’m tired in the work but not tired of the work.” He was a tireless worker for the kingdom, and much of what he did will impact all eternity. In the wake of his life, he left a great church (Moody Church) and college (Moody Bible College and Moody Theological Seminary). How’s that for making the most of his time?

Forsaking Much for Eternal Rewards

Jesus once said that even a cup of water given in His name will not go unrewarded (Matt. 10:42). When Peter said that he and the disciples had left everything to follow Jesus (Matt. 19:27), he reminded them all that the disciples who forsook all they had would sit with Christ on 12 thrones in the kingdom and be judges of the 12 tribes of Israel (Matt. 19:28). How’s that for making an impact on eternity? For the disciples, that impact will be great because Jesus reminded them, and, really, He reminds us that everyone–I’ll say that again–everyone who has left mother, brothers, sisters, fathers, and children for His sake will receive a hundredfold in the next life but also eternal life (Matt. 19:29). How’s that for a return on our investment? Didn’t the disciples leave everything for Jesus? Yes, but the impact on eternity is titanic, as they left us most of the New Testament, and their writings are still reaping eternal rewards.

A Closing Prayer

Father, please help me live with the end in mind, that is to redeem the time and make the greatest impact I can for eternity by forsaking the many things that don’t really matter. In Jesus’ precious name I pray.


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