Is God asking you to wait for something? Will you wait or try to do it on your timeline?

Is God asking you to wait for something? Will you wait, or try to do it on your timeline?

Psalm 27:14

Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD!

Not Fainting in Waiting

Isaiah writes that it is those who wait upon the Lord who will have their strength renewed. Even in their running they will not be weary or faint in their walking (Isaiah 40:31). What the author appears to be saying is that a person is strengthened when they wait on God. If you are waiting on someone, you are trusting them, aren’t you? If we act on our own and refuse to wait, we are at risk for growing weary and maybe even fainting from exhaustion by trying to do things on our own timeline and in our own strength and not putting them in God’s hands. There is no shame in waiting on God (Psalm 25:3) because it shows that you trust Him. Twice the psalmist declares “wait for the Lord” as if we needed a reminder (Psalm 27:4), which, knowing my impatience, I needed to hear again.

Open Doors

I am horrible when it comes to waiting for doors to open. The times when I failed to have God open a door for me, I jimmied the door and ruined everything. I should have waited on God to open that door or to find out later that this wasn’t the door God wanted me to walk through in the first place. I have to remember that it is God alone Who can open doors that no one else can (Rev. 3:7-8). Isn’t hope the same as waiting? Our hope in seeing Christ, our hope of an imperishable body, and our hope for the kingdom are all in the future, and we have to wait for all these blessings (Psalm 31:24). Even when we think our prayers are not being heard, we should realize that they are. We only have to trust in Him, which might mean we have to wait (Psalm 40:1).

Timing Is Everything

God’s timing is always perfect, but my timing clearly isn’t. The times when I try to walk ahead of the will of God or the times when I am behind the will of God, my timing is always wrong. If we are in agreement with one other regarding God’s will, then we’ll be walking together (Amos 3:3). If things seem to be taking a little longer than we like, it’s because the time is not right. When something lingers in our mind, in God’s mind it comes at exactly the right time with no delay (Hab. 2:3). Maybe God’s asking you to wait for something. Will you wait, or will you be like me and try to do things on your own timeline?

A Closing Prayer

God, You are so faithful, and I must learn to trust Your timing and not mine. You know the future and I do not. Therefore, help me to wait patiently on You and to not try to push ahead on my own timeline and ruin everything. In Jesus’ name I pray.


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