If I am telling you the truth, why don’t you believe Me?

If I am telling you the truth, why don’t you believe Me?

John 8:46

Which one of you convicts me of sin? If I tell the truth, why do you not believe me?

The Sinless Lamb of God

It’s ironic that the self-righteous religious leaders of Jesus’ day, who were full of sin, often accused Jesus of doing wrong. Those who know Christ also know that He was sinless, and this made Him the perfect sacrifice for imperfect sinners. Once, they even accused Jesus of having a devil in Him as the only way that He was able to perform miracles, and this promoted Jesus to warn them of the unpardonable sin (Matt 12:22-32). The only reason they wanted Jesus dead was because of their jealousy and self-interest over His popularity (Mark 15:10; Matt 27:18). They may have accused Him of sin, but no one was able to ever convict Him of sin. Even Pontius Pilate saw that there was no guilt or fault in Him, and He was declared to be not guilty of any crime (John 18:38).

Unbearable Words

It was because they couldn’t bear Jesus’ words that they wanted to kill Him. They couldn’t understand what He was saying because He spoke what the Father told Him to speak (John 8:47). If God were their Father, they would understand His words. Jesus rebuked them because they were only speaking the words of their actual father the devil, and they were doing what their father the devil wanted them to do, which is why they sought to kill Him (John 8:44-45). The very reason that Jesus was speaking the truth was the very reason that they didn’t believe Him (John 8:45).

God’s Children Know the Truth

Finally, Jesus tells them that the reason they don’t really hear His words of truth is because they are not of God, because whoever is of God hears what God says to them and understands His words (John 8:47). They even accused Jesus of being a Samaritan, which was a highly derogatory remark, for the Jews hated the Samaritans as being half-breeds. They also said that he had a demon in Him (John 8:49). What an insult! They also claimed Abraham as their father but showed little in the way of family resemblance. Today Jesus tells us the truth, and His truth is recorded in the Word of God. Why wouldn’t we believe Him? Reading the Word of God is reading the truth and the only place in the entire world where you’ll find it.

A Closing Prayer

Great God in heaven, oh how righteous and holy You are. You always speak the truth, and sometimes the truth cuts us to the bone, but there is freedom in knowing the truth, like in knowing that Jesus is the only way that we might be saved (Acts 4:12). Thank You for Your truth. I know that Your Word is always truth, and in Jesus’ name I thank You for it.


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