Do you recognize the consequences of sin countries faced in the Bible? What does this mean for the country you live in?

Do You Recognize The Consequences To Sin Countries Faced In The Bible? What Does This Mean For The Country You Live In?

Second Chronicles 7:14

If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

Humbleness Exalts

When we were saved, we had to humble ourselves before our Mighty God and confess our sins and ask for forgiveness and He promised to forgive our sins when we confess them (1 John 1:9) and in similar fashion, when we humble ourselves as a nation, that means that we are repentant when we collectively sin only then can God can heal our land or nation (2 Chro 7:14). This is because righteousness exalts a nation but sin disgraces and debases a nation (Prov 14:34). If a nation doesn’t humble itself before God, He will do it for them. I believe the same way as far as we are concerned. We either humble ourselves voluntarily or God will do it for us and guess which one is more painful?

Pride Destroys

Pride comes just before destruction and a haughty spirit happens just before a fall (Prov 16:18). So it is with individuals and nations. God is no respecter of persons or size….to Him, sin is sin. America is losing its blessing and worldwide influence because we have grown more and more corrupt. We have kicked God out of the public square, we have kicked God out of marriage, we have kicked God out of the public schools, we have kicked God out of the government, we have kicked God out of business, and we have kicked God out of our homes and then when tragedy strikes people say “Where was God?” Don’t you remember? You kicked Him out! Nation after nation that became morally bankrupt has fallen…time and time again. The consequences of national sin are that God removes His blessing and when He does, the nation implodes due to the heavy weight of immorality.

Rome’s Fall

When the Roman Empire started to fall, it was due to greed, the mistreatment of slaves, murder, sexual immorality, and a spike in the rate of divorce and remarriage. As Rome fell, so too will any nation that swims in sin and the consequences of national sin are immense. Just ask (if it were possible) Sodom and Gomorrah. The amount of sexual immorality there was unbelievable and because of that, God sent His judgment on them by fire and brimstone. Our nation has had our Christian roots choked out by sin and our roots have been replaced with the weeds of immorality. The Old Testament is full of nation after nation being destroyed due to their lack of repentance and turning to God. Just as with individuals, God will not hold those nations guiltless who break His laws. What about your nation? What does it mean for the country in which you live? There are consequences to every sin because we know that God cannot be mocked…what is sown will be reaped (Gal 6:7).

A Closing Prayer

Father, our nation is in deep trouble. We are getting more sinful day by day and the consequences will be horrendous so please send us a contrite and broken spirit so that we would repent of the direction we are headed…the same direction as Rome and Sodom and Gomorrah and in Jesus’ name I pray.


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